Patapoe program



16:00H till 20:00H See no Evil, Hear no Evil.
Cire Net Lepan
20:00H till 22:00H: Drum & Bass Connection Show
Drum and Bass connection
22:00H tot 24:00H: obscure psychedelische / progressive underground
the best of alchemical radio
18:30: 20:30H: Jongens van de vlakte
tochtlatten kroeskoppen baardapen melkboerenhondenhaar
20.30-22:30H C2000
C2000 op facebook
15:00:18:00H The Precinct of Reggae
the precinct of reggae on facebook
21:00-23:00 het programma
het programma
BSE on mixcloud
17:00H – 20:00H S.T.R.O.N.T
Stront on facebook
20:00H – 22:00H LOW-PITCHED SHOW
Low-Pitched on mixcloud
13:00H – 15:00H Transit
On horseback to …
19:30 21:45H : Gaepend Gat
Gaepend Gat
22:00H – 23:00H : Patapoe Action
16:00H – 18:00H LaClike
La Clike (llaclike)
18:00 20:00H Random Entertainment Radio Show My Indie Soul .
20:00H -??:00H Vega Selecta
vega selecta on soundcloud
14:00H – 16:00H From time to time DJ Manali Shah: psytrance & minimal techno
Manali Shah on soundcloud
16:00H – 20:00 H DJ Professional Bastard
nonexclusive sound entertainment…
20_00H – 22:00H Burgerwaanzin
BURGERWAANZIN Music for the bohemian masses.
22:00H -till next! early evening DJ !
evenings: the master of mics: herrie=bek

Whenever the mp3 stream is down we do our utmost to get it up again, during downtime a backup to Scorpio will be active…

As the studio stream contains no metadata we have to send metadata via a http request to the admin pages. When the Patapoe-darkice server reboots darkice will start because an entry calling a shell script in which darkice is called exists in crontab. I added a php script that reads the necessary metadata from a file and uses curl to send the metadata to the server a few minutes before every hour!