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Fwd: [locustream] Reveil live radio broadcast of daybreak sounds – call for streams

hello all
The 4th iteration of Reveil will take place over the International Dawn Chorus Day weekend of  6 to 7 May. Reveil is a 24 hour broadcast of live sounds of daybreak relayed by streamers using laptops, phones and Raspberry Pi’s, the majority of them here on the Locus Sonus network. Reveil is mixed at Stave Hill Ecological Park in London, broadcast in full on Wave Farm in Upper Hudson, NY, Resonance Extra in London, UK and in whole or in part by participating FM and netradio stations around the world.
Reveil will begin at 5AM London time (UTC+1) on Saturday 6 May, and travel West from microphone to microphone just ahead of sunrise in a global loop lasting one earth day. It will end back in London at 6AM on Sunday morning.
As in previous years, we invite you to open long term or transient streams at daybreak form your location – which could be anywhere – although, for this event, there is a particular interest in places where humans and non humans meet. You might consider setting up a mobile stream outdoors using the free Locuscast app for iOS. Each stream adds to the detail and diversity of the mix. 

For details on the latest distribution for Raspberry Pi, Locuscast for iOS, and how to contributing to the broadcast, please see the call and the how to: 

http://soundtent.org/docs/Reveil2017CallForStreams.pdf http://soundtent.org/docs/Reveil2017CallForStreams.pdf
http://soundtent.org/how_to/stream_reveil_2017.pdf http://soundtent.org/how_to/stream_reveil_2017.pdf

Please let us know technical or other questions here or offlist at contact@soundtent.org

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