Pussy riot’s message to the people

Lightning! Right now – four members of pussy riot in the world cup final: “collect enters the game” on the field of the world cup!

Pussy Riot in the world cup final – “policeman enters the game”

Today 11 years old as the great Russian poet Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov died. Prigov created in Russian culture the image of militiamen, the host of heavenly statehood.

The Heavenly Policeman, on the prigovu, is talking on the radio with his own God. Earth same fabricates criminal cases. While the sky policeman is gently watching the jerseys in the world cup, the earth policeman is preparing to rally rallies. The Heavenly policeman affectionately touches the flower in the field and rejoices in the win of the Russian National Team, and the earth’s policeman is neutral to Oleg Sentsov Heavenly policeman – towering as an example of statehood, earth policeman – makes everyone hurt.

The Heavenly policeman protects the dream of a baby, the earth’s same policeman pursues political prisoners, planting for reposts and likes.

The Heavenly policeman and there is the organizer of the beautiful carnival of the world cup, the earth policeman is afraid of The Heavenly policeman is caring for the observance of the rules of the game, the earth policeman enters the game without being considered with the rules.

The World Cup reminded the possibility of heavenly militiamen in the beautiful Russia of the future, but every day entering the game without the rules of the earth policeman destroys our world.

When the earth policeman enters the game we demand:

1. Free all political prisoners.

2. Don’t plant for likes.

3. Stop illegal arrests at rallies.

4. Allow political competition in the country.

5. Don’t fabricate criminal cases and don’t keep people just like that in sizo.

6. Turn the earth militiamen into the heavenly militiamen.