Oproep demo Calais

Never forgive, never forget: for all the victims of borders

Gathering in memory of those who died at the borders on the initiative of exiled people, survivors of perilous crossings, inhabitants and volunteers.
Friday 12.04.19, at 6pm, digue Gaston Berthe, Calais beach.

In Calais, the policy towards the exiled has hardened since a month and a half, with continued harassment and increased police violence, as well as daily evictions of the camps throughout the city of Calais.
The Appel d’air collective is a spontaneous movement of migrant people in Calais, who want to reclaim the right to speak, to take part in social and political life with the support of associative volunteers.
The collective gathers and organizes around several points. After a gathering last March, 31 in Place d’Armes, members of the collective want to give a tribute to their loved ones, a commemoration for those dead on the road to exile.

“We crossed the Mediterranean, we survived, and now we are in Calais, in the same situation. Today we are forced to take the same risks and put our lives in danger again, when we are already survivors. Europe and its Dublin III regulations force us to put ourselves at greater risk, with complete impunity and indifference.
There are always people who try and try again their chance to cross, in Calais, even if they risk death. Kiar, our 19-year-old brother, died on March 8 in a freight truck. Every refugee who survives in Calais has lost relatives on the way to Libya, the Mediterranean, France … So far the situation does not change. ”

We denounce the responsibility of the state for the deaths that happen at the border. It is with this in mind that we propose you to join us on Friday, April 12 from 6pm to 8pm for a gathering on the beach of Calais, at the digue Gaston Berthe.
The mobilization will be for migrant people to speak out, and flowers will be thrown in the water in a symbolic action.

The Appel d’air collective.