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We are here in the occii 12-1
Wir Alle treffen Entscheidungen, schwerer ist es erst damit zu leben.

De standaard nieuwsberichten en in het lokale nieuws doodse stilte over een schrijven van een hoog commissariaat van de verenigde naties gericht aan een niet bij naam genoemde advocaat et al, waarbij et al het verzet vertegenwoordigt.

Pi 3b

Een doos, een pakje, een niet zo’n heel lange harde doos en een pi zero

We Are Here

15 januari 2019, rechtzaak rotterdamse we are here gevangenen. Parnasssusweg

Amsterdam December 16th

Dear friend,

We are a team of members of We Are Here, refugees and supporters, that decided to take action in support of our brothers in detention (vreemdelingenbewaring).  We hope to connect with you to make this action better and stronger.

At this moment several members of WAH are in Rotterdam prison. Among them Fortune, Azzedine, and Ayub, together of course with too many more illegalized migrants. Fortune was arrested in August on the accusation of trespassing (huisvredebreuk) when he was leading the opening of a building on the Weesperzijde on June 4th. This squat was meant to create a new WAH base, after the eviction of the Dieselstraat last June. In front of the TV camera’s Fortune was leading We Are Here, trying to push the doors held by anti-squatters. Among them the son of VVD-leader Erik van den Burg.
It is the first time that an activist of WAH has to face criminal charges, on January 15th. In Amsterdam.

In our view, squatting buildings is part of the struggle of WAH to make a normal life. It can also be considered a way to become legal, knowing that more than 100 denied asylum seekers have finally obtained their status as a result of all the actions of WAH. This a clearly a political struggle and that is why the charges against Fortune are of a political nature, to which we respond with political action.

The aim of this campaign is to support the brothers and sisters in prison and to highlight the political context of both the action of Fortune and of We Are Here and, finally, to abolish vreemdelingendetentie in general.
Fortune is now under surveillance and is fooled around by DT&V to get him deported. He is afraid that somehow they may fix a laissez-passer from Sierra Leone or Sudan and deport him there.

*** Fortunately, Fortune was released on the 13th of december ***

But still, Fortune has to stand in court, on the 15th of January. That is a good opportunity to create some noise. Inside and outside the court of course.

Our team meets every Tuesday from 2 o’clock at M2M, Van Ostadestraat 49, 1072SN Amsterdam

Contact: 0686263381
Facebook: FREE We Are Here
Twitter: @FREEweAREhere

Khalid Jone (English, Dutch, Arab)
tel. 0684307241

Jo van der Spek M2M (Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German)