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Borders kill.. Body found


Zoekterm Koblenz

13-september.nl solidair met Joke Kaviaar


In Moscow’s Shadows

      One of my regrets of 2017 was, for reasons beyond my control, not getting to speak at the Yeltsin Centre in Ekaterinburg. I confess I am not the greatest fan of Yeltsin-the-Man – for all his successes bringing down the USSR and crushing some of its more unpleasant remnants, he was a …

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Detainees on hunger strike in several cra in France


ADM persbericht

PERSBERICHT  Amsterdam 9 januari 2019  Gemeente Amsterdam constateert grootschalige vernietiging Gemeenschap ADM  Burgemeester Halsema van Amsterdam heeft vandaag via buurtregisseur Ferry den Edel en de zichtbaar aangedane ambtenaar Ivar Schreurs de constatering ontvangen dat het merendeel van de aan onze Gemeenschap ADM behorende, woningen, eigendommen en werkplaatsen gisteren ‘door derden’ zijn vernietigd.  De door gemeente …

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Tweede schrijven van de verenigde naties aan ADM

A new communication by the UN’s Human Rights Committee was received by ADM. This was of course to be expected after Amsterdam Municipality’s cynical “pre-announcement” of the upcoming violation of the HRC’s interim measure, and its circular stating that it abides with international Law. “Dear Madam, The Section would like to acknowledge receipt of the …

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Brief van verenigde naties aan ADM

Brief van verenigde naties

Solidarity ..

For International Migrants Day, on Tuesday 18th December, protestors around the UK will mobilise in solidarity with the Stansted 15. In an effort to prevent the involuntary deportation of 60 people from Stansted airport in March 2017, the group blockaded a Home Office charter flight as it was leaving. After a lengthy trial, earlier this …

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Fwd: [New post] Délibéré du procès du 4 // Result of court case

  Seven people were tried on Tuesday for charges of degradation and refusing to provide DNA and fingerprints following the illegal evictions of two squats almost one year ago. There were only two convictions out of the total fifteen charges. They were for two people refusing to give DNA and fingerprints in the first case, and the …

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Le manifest de gilets jaunes

Manifest de gilets jaunes

Macron: tu nous pompe

Схрон из бочки на 100 литров

Cach from the barrel per 100 liters skhron.00.miniAnarchists often wonder: “Where and how to keep things prohibited by the state?”. Someone may come to mind the word “caches.” But in fact, few people know what a real partisan caches. Among the anarchists, it is realistic to meet only a few who use caches. Today, culture …

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Fwd: [New post] Le régime frontalier de Calais : extrait en français du livre “UK Border Regime” de Corporate Watch

consensusdecisionmaking posted: “La version française du chapitre “Calais : l’environnement hostile ultime” du livre “UK Border Regime”, écrit par Corporate Watch, est maintenant disponible en version PDF. Ce chapitre est une version réduite des informations compilées dans le site web C” New post on Calais Migrant  Le régime frontalier de Calais : extrait en français …

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Patapoe mirrors .. use a barcode off a something cheap, like a package of cigarette papers …go shopping