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uit de doos van occi


Noise demo at CRA: Coquelles by consensusdecisionmaking On Saturday, 7 January, a noise demo took place outside of the Coquelles (Calais) detention centre. Several dozen people gathered in solidarity with people imprisoned only for the offense of not having the right papers – samba music was played and lots of noise was made. Signs were …

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Death at the Border//Mort a la frontière by consensusdecisionmaking A young migrant was found dead on the A16 motorway (near Marck, between Calais-Dunkerque) today morning, Tuesday, 9 January, around 8 o’clock, killed in a hit and run. This is the first known death from the Calais border in 2018. There will be a memorial gathering …

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Re: instabiel WiFi 

er is een verschil van ongeveer 10 Db tusenet de laptop met darkice en pc waar de playlist op staat. Hoe dichter bij nul (negatief logaritme) hoe beter het signaal. ik dacht dat dit de reden was dat darkice een aantal malen per uur herstartte, maar uit het syslog bleek dat daar een andere reden …

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Calais camp attacked by police

Police attack migrant camp // La police attaque un camp de migrant-e-s by consensusdecisionmaking In the afternoon of 7 January, police raided a small migrant camp near an old Lidl. Friends who were there wrote about the event from their experience: Autonomous medics and other allies to migrant communities in the various fractional encampment jungles …

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patapoe studio via wifi OT301

On the laptop wifi Quality=48/70 and Signal level=-62 dBm On the playlist PC wifi Quality=61/70 and Signal level=-49 dBm The laptop gets a much weaker signal. Could be a question of placing it somewhere else (out of the corner, away from mixer) Testing download speed…………………………………. Download: 7.23 Mbit/s Testing upload speed………………………………………….. Upload: 1.78 Mbit/s dark@dark:~$

Watch this talk at ccc Leipzig about Internet surveillance in Iran 

Surveillance in Iran




Hier sind die Toten Hosen:


Hashtag #weshutdown Put sugar in tanks, shortcircuit power etc. Etc..

 BSE with multislow on RADIO STUDENT

laatste uur tweede uur eerste uur

HFT in my backyard | V – Sniper In Mahwah & friends

 Nieuwe configuratie (een pc minder)

De harddisk in de darkice pc heeft het begeven ( pc start niet meer ) Darkice draait nu ook op de playlist. Daarvoor gaat de OUTPUT van de mixer als INPUT naar de playlist. In audacious (het programma dat de playlist(s) afspeelt MOET de instelling bij recording bij afspelen van een playlist op monitor built-in …

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Radiomakers not using the playlist pc

Please pause audacious during your show. Doing show will prevent updating current song/artist information. If you want your show to also show artist/song info then adjust /tmp/output.txt with your information after having paused audacious  … The expected format is artist – song or whatever info as long as there is a ” – ” somewhere! …

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