We are here, easter jam

🙌🏾💚💛❤️🖤                Today we go hit the jembé
And beat the Covid-19 far away🥁🎸🎤🎶
In CoronaTime were human being should be protected
We are being hunted and rejected
While no one is allowed to gather with more than 4
We are forced to stay with more than 80 indoor.
In an old, cold, broken en wet garage,
Or offered a nightshelter, allowed to bring 1 transparant plastic bag as luggage.
In daytime not allowed to stay
But kicked out, far away.
While 1.50m should be the distance from the other
We are forced to share that space with many more while gouverment dont bother.
Because of last weeks desillusion
A small jam is our solution
For not going sub
But keep keep the spirit up
If you dont want come or can’t
We understandBut when you have some spare money
Maybe you can share a bit of your honey.

Please donate a tikkie 🙏🏽                                            “We Are Here Garage EasterJam” via
tikkie.me/pay/tmc47c9069g2t2gjo5to.            🙌🏾💚💛❤️🖤