5g why we will not accept it

The city of Brussels has in fact banned 5G because its radiation standards are ten times higher than WHO and even the EU.

Switzerland, who was at the forefront of 5G roll-out, has now switched 5G off in its country.

Totnes, a small town in Devon, England, has declared a kind of moratorium on 5G. I believe Glastonbury, also in the UK, has stopped 5G roll-out in its Town too.

There are no studies that can demonstrably prove that 5G will be safe to humans or wildlife.

These individuals who are setting light to transmitters may not necessarily believe in the conspiracy theory that 5G is linked to Covid-19, but most probably just simply believe it isn’t safe and will kill us.

There are thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that show EMF radiation emitted from wireless technology is dangerous to all living things – 5G Space Appeal, EMF Scientist Appeal and the Lancet among many other scientific journals all state this.

Professor Martin Pall of Bio-chemistry at Washington State University says that we have probably just 5-6 years until a collective collapse in brain function in modern societies.

Rates of alzeheimers, dementia, brain tumors, ADHD and depression closely correlate with the roll-out of wireless technology.

5G will be delivered in low band (approx 3.4Ghz) right upto high band – which is upto 39Ghz.

High band 5G will require antennae every 300 metres – It will also find it difficult to penetrate walls and glass, especially tempered glass. These antennae will be fitted to tops of street lighting.

We are facing an unprecedented exposure to very dangerous levels of microwave radiation that will effect even the writer of this article and his family, if he has one.

EMF radiation according to some research suggests electromagnetic radiation has a a carcinogenic effect is mutagenic ie it changes DNA structures in humans.