Winter for refugees in Amsterdam

Homeless and extremely cold outside
The cold winter arrangement:
Information about the cold winter arrangement 2020-2021 for homeless people.
This year there is no permanent winter shelter. There is only a cold winter arrangement.
What is a cold winter arrangement?
The cold winter arrangement is night shelter for all homeless people in Amsterdam.
Sometimes it is so cold at night that it is dangerous to sleep outside.
Then the GGD determines that everyone who does not have a place to sleep is given access to the shelter.
The GGD also determines when the winter cooling control will stop again.
That depends on the weather. The arrangement can last for several nights.
How do I know if the shelter is open for the winter cold arrangement?
The organizations that provide shelter for homeless people know about a day in advance whether the cold winter arrangement will start.
It can therefore be found at
For practical information
you report to the counter of the GGD and the GGD refers you to a reception center.
You can enter the reception center between 4.30 pm and 10 pm.
You will receive a bed, shower, hot meal and breakfast. The daycare is free.
At the opening of the shelter for the cold winter regulation, there is also free shelter for your dog. While you are staying overnight in the shelter, your dog will stay in the shelter at Ookmeerweg.
If you have any questions, please read the frequently asked questions at or email your question to