In the playlist a special: the lake radio BORREBISSEBÅND

The story of BORREBISSEBÅND is the story of a shoebox that was left behind in an apartment complex in the small town of Esbjerg on the western shore of Denmark by a crew of oil rig workers – so-called roughnecks – from Bristol. The shoebox was filled with cassette tapes featuring various DJs and artists, from various locations in the beginnings of the 1990s. Some tapes are recorded off the radio, some are mixtapes and compilations, some are clearly DJ-sets recorded directly from the mixer at a club. All of them feature a mesmerizing trance music that these oil rig workers from Bristol couldn’t live without, all the lonely days and nights out there on the drilling platform.

The first episode is a live recording from one of the first raves under the name Fantazia in 1992. Fantazia was once a notorious dance organisation based in the UK. Founded in 1991, it was set up at a time when breakbeat hardcore was in the ascendent within the rave scene, having grown out of the Acid House movement.