Monitoring CRA Coquelles

Racist comments from judges and prosecutors, lawyers refusing to defend detainees, interpreters distorting translations, cops leaving visitors waiting for several hours, broken telephone booths… In Coquelles like in other administrative detention centers (CRA), violence, mistreatment and other rights violations are daily occurrences. Faced with this, let’s no longer remain isolated!

This form allows you to anonymously report any element that you think would be useful to keep a record of about the Coquelles-Calais administrative detention center (CRA). The data collected could enable to monitor repressive practices at the CRA in a more systematic manner. They may perhaps be used to help appeals by detainees or by support collectives: demonstrate procedural flaws during court hearings, contact the fundamental rights authorities (Contrôle Général des Lieux de Privation de Liberté, Défenseur Des Droits…), support the testimonies of detainees… Any fact reported, even trivial, can be useful to archive! Whatever the final use of this data, the anonymity of detainees and witnesses will always be protected.

The link of the form :