Russian interventions clear up the fronts.

IS to face Russian force shortly.

According to military insight IS soldiers fighting in Syria now will not profit from their gains for long.

Americans feel IS strengthened by Russians and refuse to see the military advances russian bombardments brought in a more positive way.

Part of American trained and armed Syrian soldiers changed sides already , they seem to understand the situation a bit better.

Assad will stay, Americans will leave.

Refugees will keep coming and not return.

According to an  european diplomat the outcome is pretty forward:  Publicly, the Kremlin has been promoting the idea of creating a broad international coalition to fight ISIS. Privately, though, “the Russians are trying hard to drum up some kind of support, any kind of support, for Assad to hold on [to power],” says this senior European diplomat who has been working with Syria for over a decade. “But it’s a nonstarter. It’s pretty clear how the Syrian war will end: There will be some kind of rump Alawistan around Latakia ruled by former Baathists close to Assad…but certainly not Assad himself. The Kurds will have a self-governing area in the north—though the Turks will hate that. And the rest of the Sunni opposition, hopefully with ISIS droned and bombed out of existence, will be left to cobble together some kind of government in Damascus.”

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