Radio Patapoe en website vrijdag van 04:00H tot 16:00H onbereikbaar 

Werkzaamheden aan de server:
For the easy non technical explanation: the website/e-mail radio will not be

reachable from 04.00 up to 16.00 coming Friday 19-01-2018.
This Friday at 13.00 the people that run amongst others our server will be replacing one of the most important servers

in the data centre. This will result in a major outage for a long time.

The reason is that the hardware will be upgraded. All data on the virtual servers will be moved to another machine and then copied back (in total +/- 600GB of data). We will try to keep the impact as

minimal as possible. Contrast has several servers, so it might be

possible that some website/mail will still function, however the

‘oldest’ websites will be impacted (mostly Artikel 140 era).

Patapoe belongs to the oldest , so Friday till at the latest 4pm no web , no radio …

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