Схрон из бочки на 100 литров

Cach from the barrel per 100 liters skhron.00.miniAnarchists often wonder: “Where and how to keep things prohibited by the state?”. Someone may come to mind the word “caches.” But in fact, few people know what a real partisan caches. Among the anarchists, it is realistic to meet only a few who use caches. Today, culture reliably hiding “prohibitions” is underdeveloped in the anarchist movement.
On the anarcho sites one can find only 2 articles where attention is paid to this topic: “Crowns, hiding places” and “Organization of caches and caches in the forest”. They are mostly filled with information and pictures from the Internet (we recommend that you read them before reading this article).
Based on personal experience, below we will describe detailed instructions for equipping a plastic barrel caches with a volume of 100 liters. Each stage will be supported by a photo. The season is autumn, the beginning of October.
Caching equipment
First you need to choose a place. How to do this is well described in the above two texts on the sites “Anarchy Today” and “Fighter Anarchist”. Let’s skip all these steps and stop directly on the hardware.
We need the following:
skhron.01 Plastic Barrel 100 L Shovel Awning / plastic film Hacksaw Boards and Bars Universal screws Loop-shaped hooks 8 pcs. Phillips screwdriver / screwdriver Clothesline / Paracord Hammer Bulk bag / bag – for sand Requires at least 2 people. Ideally – 3. One is constantly observing the environment in order to notice a curious mushroom picker in time, while the rest work.
Prepare a place, make the markup.
The soil profile consists of soil horizons. In the forest, the uppermost horizon is forest litter. Further, there may be sod, humus, humus horizons, and so on.
Specifically, our place is located in the forest – the popular name of the pine forest. The soil is well drained sandy.
Forest litter consists of fallen leaves, twigs, cones, bark and other plant residues. Carefully remove it to the side. We need it at the very end.
Turf (turf) – the top layer of the soil, densely overgrown with grassy plants and fastened by interlacing of their roots. In forests it is formed on glades, clearings, forest edges and other open spaces. In the manufacture of caches, it is important to deal with it correctly. The turf must be broken into pieces-squares that fit on a shovel, and start shooting, laying it near the pit in the same order in which it was removed. This will allow you to avoid playing Tetris, when you later put it back.
There was no turf in our soil. Immediately after the forest floor there was a humus horizon.
Humus – the main organic matter of the soil, containing the nutrients needed by land plants. In the weight composition of the topsoil, the humus content varies from fractions of a percent to 10-15% (black soil).
Spade outlines the contours of the pit and begin to remove humus. It is desirable to postpone it on a separate small film or a cover from the backpack. We will fill it over the cover of the caches, in the absence of turf.skhron.02
Stele film under the main ground. We used an awning.
We dig a hole, which is 1.5 times higher than our barrel, and is also 1.5 times larger in diameter with a large barrel. It is advisable to place the barrel at a depth below the soil freezing line (in Russia it is from a meter to one and a half, depending on the region). The soil in our forest is sandy. Around the depth of the spade bayonet began mainly sand. We put it on the prepared awning. It is important not to wake up past the tent. Fresh sand on the forest floor unmasks the place of the caches.
When the pit is ready, we hammer into the bottom of 9 bars or sticks found in the forest. They should stick out about 20 cm above the ground – this is the so-called additional drainage. Skhron.03
Next, we do inside the pit frame. It is designed to provide protection from the fall of the earth, sand. If the sand is showered heavily, then the frame is made more dense, for example, from sheets of plywood or wood-laminated plastic (DSP) .skhron.04
We dig a hole under the cover on the perimeter of the pit. Skhron.05
While one is engaged in the pit, the second makes the cover.
It is best to house boards and bars in advance. Near the caches, quickly fasten them with screws. Cutting near the pit because of the noise is not safe!
You must first calculate the length and width, based on the parameters of the pit. We also got a square cover 90×90 cm.
We measure off the bars and boards. All we saw off hacksaw on wood.
Timber we used pine and spruce – the cheapest.
Dimensions: board – 2x10x90 cm, bar – 3x4x90 cm.
We connect the construction with self-tapping screws – “self-tapping screws”, using a cross-head screwdriver. A cordless electric screwdriver will facilitate and speed up the tightening of the screws, but will create additional noise.
Self-tapping screws were used universal galvanized 35×4 mm with slot Pozidriv2 (Pz2).
The screwdriver, respectively, also had a tip Pz2.
To do this, tighten the hooks, screws, 4 pieces on each side. Pull the rope through the hooks. We cut to the desired length with a margin (the stock is needed for adjustment). We melt the ends with a lighter so that the fibers do not get loose. Tie the ends of the rope. Handles are ready.
skhron.07 skhron.08 It is important to make sure that the lid fits snugly, does not crack and can withstand the weight of a person. We put it on the pit and begin to walk on it. If everything is in order, then remove the cover and proceed to cleaning the sand.
Sand cleaning.
Omit the barrel in the pit. We look, that she was there as we conceived. After that, the mountain of sand must be removed from the caches away. We shovel sand into a bag (bag) and carry it, for example, to a mineralized strip – an artificially created fire barrier. They are in all forests, their width can vary from 0.4 to 2 m.
Any territory of forestry is divided into smaller parts – quarters. Each forest quarter has permanent boundaries. The boundaries of quarters in flat terrain are usually cut through clearances. At the intersection of the quarterly glades there are quarter pillars indicating diagonally the numbers of adjacent quarters. Therefore, wherever you dig a hole, there is a clearing on either side of you. You can also pour fresh sand on it.
I would also like to note that it is better to take out sand as soon as it is working, so that later a huge pile would not create problems and not spill over the boundaries of the spreading awning, unmasking the place of the caches.
Leave to fill the cover a little bit of land. We remember that all the humus in our country lies to the side.skhron.09
Filling the barrel.
This time we buried (for half a year) the extra gear and a couple of mass-dimensional (MMG) mock-ups of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.
For this we needed silica gel, old rags, motor oil, garbage bags.
We saturate with oil. We wrap them MMG and other metal items of equipment. Each wrapped layout is packaged in several packages. Crew also wrapped in packages. Inside we add silica gel. For layouts this will be enough. But if you need to bury martial weapons, you will have to be more scrupulous.
skhron.germomeshokWhen storing (from season to several years) firearms in the cache, it is very important that it does not rust. To do this, all metal parts of the weapon are lubricated with a thick, non-drying grease. We advise the use of technical petrolatum or gun fat. The barrel bore is filled with paraffin or gun oil (at the edges of the barrel should be greased with a pusher to prevent oil from leaking out). Each weapon is wrapped in an oiled rag / paper. Then, if there are several units, the whole thing is wrapped up in a large cloth packaging, tightly tied with a rope and put away in several tight bags. Instead of packages it is best to use a hermetic bag. Inside we also add silica gel. Lubrication should be so much so that later with little effort to clean all parts with gasoline or solvent. In no case can not put unprepared weapons in a plastic barrel!
skhron.PMFor conservation (long-term storage for decades) of short-barreled weapons, we recommend disassembling them completely. This means, first you need to make an incomplete disassembly, and then – complete, before each spring. For example, a 9-mm Makarov pistol (PM) consists of 32 parts. All disassembled main parts and parts of the weapon should be placed in an airtight plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and filled with oil, it is safer to place the lid up. For this task, the perfect tank from the drinking system, hydrator. The tank (for example, the Source company) must be equipped with a Widepac closing system and a removable tube, which we do not need for a caches. It is also advisable to pick up a bubble without cork.
Similarly, you can do with small details of long-barreled weapons: firing mechanism, trigger, etc.
If you plan to prikopat weapons for 1-2 months (before the season), then it is not necessary to preserve. It is enough to lubricate the moving parts, wrap in an oiled rag and put in a tight bag.
Clothing, equipment should be located separately from the caches of firearms – about 20 meters.
Ammunition is also buried apart from weapons, equipment and food – in a separate cache. Different types of ammunition are stored separately from each other. In no case should not allow the contact of oil with cartridges. If the cartridges lie for a long time in an oil medium, then the oil, which has a very high degree of penetration, falls into the cartridge cases and onto the powder, making it unsuitable. For this reason, it is better to seal the cartridges with a zaponlak and wrap it in a plastic film with a bag of silica gel.
Silica gel is a dried gel formed from supersaturated silicic acid solutions. Used as a solid hydrophilic sorbent. Silica gels serve as dehumidifiers for the conservation of equipment to protect it from corrosion. There are various brands of silica gels. In everyday life, silica gel is widely used for the production of cat litter fillers. In this case, we used this.
skhron.12We put a little silica gel on the bottom of the barrel. But this is not necessary to do. It is better to fill with silica gel any gas-permeable or perforated shell, for example, plastic bags or thick fabric – so-called desiccants will be obtained. To increase the efficiency of dehumidifiers, it is most expedient, if possible, to hang them freely in the upper part of the package. In our case, the packaging is a plastic barrel. We did not hang the dryers, and put them in each bag with the product.
We fill with the ground (humus) our cover from the pit.skhron.13
Sprinkle the lid on top of the soil with the forest floor, which we set aside at the very beginning. Everything should have a natural look, do not rush into the eyes.
If the barrel is filled, then twist the lid.skhron.14
Two people gently take the handle cover and close the pit. Further, having typed an armful of forest litter, sprinkle the place of the cache with slow rubbing movements. This way it is better to imitate the natural fall of the foliage, etc. Then it is necessary to trample a little on the priped place, thereby tamping down and excluding unnecessary unnatural fluffiness.
From above you can cover fallen trees and branches, create a small fallen tree.
Cxh is ready! Skhron.15
 This article we received by mail. We thank comrades for the work done, the article is very high quality and useful for everyone!
(Translated with google translate) source at bo-ak.org/index.php/ru/podgotovka/drugoe/129-skhron-iz-bochki-na-100-litrov

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