Tweede schrijven van de verenigde naties aan ADM

A new communication by the UN’s Human Rights Committee was received by ADM. This was of course to be expected after Amsterdam Municipality’s cynical “pre-announcement” of the upcoming violation of the HRC’s interim measure, and its circular stating that it abides with international Law.

“Dear Madam,
The Section would like to acknowledge receipt of the additional information you provided which has been shared with the Human Rights Committee. On that basis, the request for interim measures sent on 26 December has just been reiterated. In a correspondence sent a while ago, the Committee is requesting the authorities of the Netherlands to provide it with clarification about the compatibility of the planned evacuation to the sludge fields, at this time of the year, with international standards, addressing in particular concerns raised about soil contamination, lack of adequate heating, the existing capacity of the sanitary infrastructure, the impossibility for those currently living on boats to move them to the new site and the safeguards afforded to unregistered residents. The Committee gave 2 months to the State party to submit this clarification.
In the meantime, the State party was again requested not to evict the authors to the sludge fields or to anyplace else in which conditions fall short of international standards, especially with respect to vulnerable individuals.

Best regards,

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights”

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